Weight Management

losing weight ShipleyWe Make Weight Management Simple

We understand that people need to have choices when it comes to controlling weight, which is why our range of services are tailored to suit you and the way you live.

Our goal is not just to help you achieve your desired weight, but also to help you understand how to maintain this, by adopting a more balanced approach to living, and therefore benefiting from improved overall health in the longer-term.

“Losing four to five kilograms can halve a person’s diabetes risk if they are overweight” according to Dr Susan Jebb of the Medical Research Council. It is projected by 2020 that 439 million people will suffer from diabetes; good nutrition can help prevent this.

skinny or fat?You will have one of our Personal Wellness Coaches working alongside you to guide you each step of the way.  All their time is FREE and they will be there as long as YOU need them.

Let us support you on route to a healthier you!

 One-to-One Coaching and Support

We appreciate that a busy work schedule, family commitments or personal preference can get in the way which is why we are flexible in the times that we can see you.  Most clients prefer to be seen at the same time/day each week but we can work around you (in most cases).

Our unique, personalised, wellness coaching service means you can meet with your Personal Wellness Coach face-to-face each week. Through regular one-to-one informal chats, your Coach will develop an understanding of your personal needs and lifestyle, and will give you access to the information, strategies and support you need to overcome any challenges and optimize your success.

We offer a FREE initial, no-obligation, consultation in which we will calculate your % body fat, resting metabolic rate, metabolic age, protein requirements and more…

To book a 15 minute Personal Wellness Profile call on 01274 585566 for an appointment, alternatively use the Contact form from the web site.


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