The Biggest Loser

We are pleased to announce our Biggest Loser challenge, open to anyone. It’s a 6 week challenge to see who can lose, in that time, the most body fat, measured as a percentage of their weight.

**Our next Biggest Loser challenge will start with a registration night on Tuesday May 1st 2018 from 7pm and then weekly every Tuesday for 6 weeks. Places are limited to a maximum of 20, contact the centre if you want to register your interest.

We run the challenge on a Tuesday starting at 7pm for an hour.

The cost is £40 and for it you get a tub of F1 shake and shaker (choice of 10 flavours,) weekly nutrition advice to help you change you life and body shape permanently, 6 short HIIT exercise classes and a refuel after each class- total value is £60+

The Biggest Loser will also receive upto £100 in cash- dependent on numbers taking part.

For more information or to register your interest for the next challenge, click  here.


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