Running with SSWC

Running tips and advice

Click here to be taken to our page with all running tips and advice such as what to eat, how to run, stretches to do after, keeping warm and lots more useful information. Keep coming back to this page as we will update it on a regular basis.

Below you will find some running programmes for those of you who wish to  ‘up your game.’  Popular distances/races are catered for, as are all abilities. The internet is full of programmes like these so if you are not happy or want to adapt ours. please feel free.

5Km runs

Six weeks to 5k– more for non runners or new to running

4 week to 5k -assumes some running ability

10km runs- the classic distance

8 weeks to 10k -beginners

8 week to 10k – advanced

13.1 miles, the Half Marathon- now we’re talking

12 weeks to a half marathon -beginners

12 weeks to a half marathon -advanced


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