Running tips and advice

Here at the centre we are more than happy to offer advice on all matters running, our coaches have a wealth of experience on what to do right and sometimes wrong. However we have included some documents below to help you on your journey to be a ‘runner.’

Tips for new runners, a good place to start if you are new to running.

Choosing new trainers, its a bit of a read, but basically advice is try on and choose what’s comfortable.

How to run correctly, its amazing what a few simple changes can do, to make you run better.

Food and drinks for sport and sports nutrition in general, if you are not putting fuel in your body it’s not going to go very far.

How to stretch after a run, you’ve done the hard part, now start the recovery process with a few simple stretches.

Running in winter, it’s common sense but make sure you wear more in winter time or when it’s cold etc.

Dealing with injuries. If you have a niggle/ache/pain etc take care, if it is still painful next time out, seek help. Don’t forget we have a treatment room at the centre. Take a look at what Mel can do for all those aches and pains or just to get you ‘race ready.’ For every week you try to run whilst injured you need twice that in complete rest!

Injuries do get better, don’t try and run through the pain. Use the internet for a ‘self diagnosis,’ but remember pain can be referred from elsewhere in the body- Runners World is as good a place to start as anywhere.

So, you have mastered all of the above and now want to run quicker. Read our 25 ways to run faster, to get some advice.

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