Our very first Lifestyle MOT Day– possibly the first anywhere in the UK, was held on Saturday 11th February from 11:30am, was a massive success and we aim to repeat it soon. Watch this space for updates.

We all have to MOT our cars every year from 3 years old, but no one has ever suggested that we should have one too. Sadly with the state the NHS is in, from a funding point of view, when you realise 70% of GP appointments are diet related, combined with the fact that by 2030 half a billion people worldwide will suffer from Type 2 diabetes and with this in mind already 40% of the NHS budget is spent treating what is an easily preventable disease, we are just surprised no one has thought of this type of day before.

Would you PASS your MOT?

We like to think what we offer at SSWC and what will be on offer during the day  is proactive advice, as opposed to what the NHS does through their reactive advice and treatment. Unfortunately people visit their doctors when it’s too late.

All the day will be about is………

  • changing your mindset, both mentally and physically,
  • consider the food you are eating and look at how healthy choices are a lot easier than you think
  • how aches and pains can be treated using a completely different approach by considering what caused it in the first place
  • trying different sporting activities
  • having fun

To put all of the above into context, you are 7x, yes seven times, that’s 700% more likely to succeed when you are part of a community than if you remain seated on that couch.

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