PLEASE NOTE- we will be closed Thursdays until further notice.

**Save the planet, cycle to SSWC for a class and get discounts on the cost of it. Bring a bike lock or borrow one of ours.**

*Our new class timetable (June 2021) is available, download a copy here.*  Booking is now essential for all classes to avoid disappointment, but please let us know if you are unable to attend any class as many are now oversubscribed.  

Why do we refuel after every class, read the reasons here.

Can’t do a class because of an ache, pain or niggle, don’t forget we have a treatment room at the centre. Check out what Mel can offer, see her page or advice on the Running page.

For your peace of mind, every class at SSWC is lead by fully qualified and insured instructors.

Cobra F.A.T. (Fit and Toned) is a high intensity, high fat burning, and resistance workout.Don’t let the words ‘High Intensity,’ put you off- High Intensity is what YOU make it…… In just  40 minutes you can jump start your metabolism, shred fat, build fitness, burn 500+ calories, and continue burning them for the next 48 hours or so, all while getting into the shape of your life. The classes target your arms, your abs and your legs- basically all the large muscle groups, no 2 classes are the same and (even though we say it ourselves) are a lot of fun.

For more information on the science behind Cobra, click here or watch the video below.

All new participants must complete a health questionnaire (PARQ).  Any health issues or existing conditions must be discussed with the class host.



Monday 10:30 am, Tuesday 6:30 pm, Friday &  Saturday 9:30 am. *Each new participant will receive technique training from one of our coaches who will support you as much as you want.

Each new participant at any of our classes will also receive a  FREE Wellness Evaluation so that you can monitor your progress.


ballet be fit

It is a dance inspired body toning class which combines core strengthening movements with intense (to you) cardio exercise. Employing proven techniques from the world of ballet, this immensely enjoyable fitness program promotes flexibility and vigour, improving aerobic capacity, posture and muscle tone.

You needn’t be a dancer to participate in this energising and rewarding workout routine.  Nor even have had any previous training. BalletBeFit is for anyone wishing to improve their body, at any stage of life, whether new to exercise or experienced.

This dance based workout will have a profound effect on your fitness levels, stamina and body composition – especially when accompanied by simple lifestyle changes such as diet.

As with all our classes a PARQ form must be completed before participation.

Monday 9:30 am, Tuesday 5:30 pm, Friday & Saturday 10:30 am.

Core aka Bums and Tums 

Do you want a flat tummy aka abs of steel? Join us for an intense 30+minutes Core workout for the ultimate in abs sculpting and tummy fat burning.

Wednesday 5:30 pm.


We are really pleased to announce a brand new class starting at SSWC. We’ve done all the training, and as usual got the qualifications to teach and deliver it. See what we’ve done with the name -Skip HIIT becomes Skipit. It’s skipping and its a helluva workout, obviously going at your own pace. Basically Skipit is a CV workout that also improves brain activity and mental co-ordination along with your balance. Classes burn 600+ calories- and are going to last about 40 minutes.

Saturdays 8:30 am 

Skipbra a combination of Skipit and Cobra

Wednesday 6:30pm

NEW Bollywood Dance

The class is designed for all ages and abilities and will spice up your life by adding some Indian moves to a dance class.

Thursdays 6pm

All classes at SSWC cost £6, which includes a fat burning tea beforehand and an exercise refuel smoothie afterwards and are lead by fully qualified and insured instructors.  You can upgrade your refuel for a specially formulated sports recovery smoothie for an additional £2.

Up for a  Challenge?

Any 2 classes back to back and you just pay £9 for both.

We are also happy and qualified to give advice on fueling and refueling and measure the progress you make. Worried about what to eat and when, download info on sports nutrition here.

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