Company Wellness days

We are a team of Professional Personal Wellness Coaches based in Yorkshire that provide FREE guidance and support on Health, Wellbeing, Beauty and Fitness for ALL.

Using a Wellness Coach is now seen as being proactive. People voluntarily become customers- to feel healthier, to reduce the effects of aging and to avoid becoming customers of the Health Service. People only become their customers when they are stricken by and reacting to a specific condition or ailment. No one really wants to be one of their customers.

Our FREE wellness days and workshops offer a smart blend of high fun with informative and productive wellness activities. Together we can create a healthy, happy, motivated & productive team.

Even the Governement are now saying company wellness is vital and should be invested in. Read what they say here.

Our Services Include:

A 15minute Wellness Check

Measuring body fat, muscle mass, metabolic age, hydration levels, bone density & physique rating. We look at the whole body composition so we can then give advice on how they can alter their current lifestyle to a healthier active lifestyle if needed.

Express Skincare Workshop

Employees and employers can enjoy a mini pamper and learn about taking care of their skin, hair and body from the outside as well as the inside.

Wellness Education.

An appealing and engaging session including topics such as ‘How to make your body a fat burning machine’ we are happy to add a question & answer section for any general advice.

A Low Impact, Low Intensity Fat Burning Workout.

This is a 30 minute low impact, low intensity maximum fat burning exercise class. The class is non-sweaty but very effective so perfect for a workplace.  We would provide a tea beforehand to get them into fat burn zone & a sample of quality post exercise refuel smoothie to prolong fat burning.

In addition we offer a full follow-up and support service for anyone wanting additional information.  This may include a lifestyle consultation, again FREE of charge, at a time convenient to them and help them to make positive changes.

We can tailor all of this to each individual employer as they see fit for their company.

We can be flexible and cover fitness, nutrition, health and beauty.

More importantly the days will be FUN, FREE and Informative.

We are also able to supply FREE nutritional samples on the day, including.

  • Healthy chocolate with 10g of protein, rich in B vitamins for energy and concentration and taste delicious
  • ‘Lift Off’ a healthy version of energy drinks such as Red Bull aiding mental focus & increased productivity!!
  • A  great tasting Fat burning green tea that burns 80 calories, full of antioxidants and great energy booster.
  • Healthy smoothies that contain everything your body needs to kick start your day the right way. Excellent for refuelling after exercise and slow releasing energy to aid concentration and performance during the working day.

Business size is irrelevant; we can cater for both small and large. We would stress and hope that you can feel confident to recommend our services. We pride ourselves on a unique and professional service.

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Don’t just believe what we say, here are some testimonials from Companies we have been to:

‘Everyone had a great time and the information you provided was informative and easy to understand.’

‘…I was so chuffed I was the same age, inside and out.’

‘As well as been a bit of fun the information they gave me was helpful anbd they were also discreet with the information they gave me.’



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