So, what did you have for breakfast?

All this talk lately of sugar tax, obesity epidemics etc, it’s going to be small steps to get the health of the nation pointing in the right direction. Great health starts with a great breakfast. So, what did you have for breakfast?

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Super Slimmers

We don’t often watch these slimming/diet programmes on TV, however one called Super Slimmer’s on Channel 4 recently, caught our attention. The basic premise was about a doctor who followed up past Slimmer’s of the Year from Weight Watcher’s, Rosemary Conley, Lighter Life and Slimming World to see where they were at now.

It was incredibly sad to see what had happened to the vast majority of them, people who had gone from 30 stone to 1 2stone in one case or had lost over 10 stone in their journey to a ‘new you.’ 90% of them had put their weight back on and then some more. One girl’s weight was increasing at 3lbs per week! Another guy had a BMR of 500 calories a day, so if he ate more than that his weight would increase. They had all destroyed their metabolism by not protecting their lean muscle mass.

Fortunately, all of the above is not what we promote at SSWC. How have ‘diets’ worked for you, has the weight stayed off. Have you any stories/tips you want to share?

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Refuels and why we have them, or why we should.

Have worked it out recently, that when the centre is busy I can be involved in 6 Cobra/HIIT/Skipit classes a week, lead and or support our Running Club twice a week, plus things like cycling and running on days off and never once have I woken up in pain or gone, ‘not another class.’ A couple of reasons- firstly, I love my job and secondly and much more importantly I refuel after every activity I take part in.

And this refuel is so, so important. Science has proven there is a metabolic window when your body needs to be refueled after any activity, and it’s within 30 minutes of completing, leave it any longer and you will get no benefit from what you’ve done, in fact the reverse will happen and your body will just store it’s next refuel as fat.

Exercise damages your muscles, refuels help to repair them so you can be bigger and stronger at your next class. This is why from Day 1 of opening SSWC we provide a refuel for every person attending every class.

So today’s message is refuel, refuel after every class, if you don’t you are doing yourself and your body a massive disservice.

We know our smoothies work, what is your favourite refuel? Post below to be in with a chance of winning a box of protein bars for the best post.

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