Below are some of the things our clients and customers have said about us over the last 12 months. Most of them were posted on our Facebook page or are Google reviews and are totally unsolicited. 

I have just done the ballet be fit class and thoroughly enjoyed it!! Lovely people & I feel amazing!! Thank u 😊 x Philippa M 05/08/17

This is why I’m all about strong over skinny and healthy food over unhealthy diets!! Why I don’t focus on the number on the scales but what I can see and feel and I feel awesome!! Changes since I started at the wellness centre… (August) LOST 2lb in weight LOST 6% body fat GAINED 7lb of muscle DROPPED 2 dress sizes and SLASHED 11 years off my metabolic age lol so my body thinks it’s 23 years old ���� can’t moan about any that!! Just so glad I have a fab team to help me meet these goals!!! Come give the centre ago!! Come have fun at the classes!! Emma D  10/06/17

I’ve only been going to classes here for the last couple of weeks but I’d certainly recommend it. The staff are super friendly and helpful and give you 1:1 time as a newbie to make sure you know what you are doing. The classes are fun and it has a welcoming atmosphere, overall a nice little set up. Roz D Google review 11/03/17

Great classes and running club. Fantastic supportive community, loads of fun whilst getting fit and healthy. Would highly recommend to people at all levels of fitness. Xx Charlotte R 04/10/16

The fact that I have regularly visited the centre for nearly two years says everything. David and Nicola have created a great ethos and a realistic approach to healthy living and fitness which has helped me to make long lasting changes to my diet and lifestyle with no pain or drastic measures. The classes are fun and full of lovely people who I look forward to seeing. The centre is an extremely friendly and supportive place. David and Nicola have a great approach which is gently encouraging and non judge-mental. I have felt comfortable to get involved with extra events and challenges that have given me confidence and self belief and had a really positive impact on my life. SSWC is a unique place and I love being part of it. L F Google review 10/08/16




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